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DeYoung family Zoo is home to over 400 animals from around the world. We believe in large natural habitats with real rocks to sun on, trees to climb, grass to roll around on, and ponds to swim in! From exotic to domestic there is sure to be something for everyone. Take a tour through our family album and get a sneak peak of what to expect on your next visit!


DeYoung Family Zoo is The Home of the Big Cats! We have the Largest Big Cat Family in the Mid West, with over 40 members and growing. These critters are an amazing sight from the Biggest in the world, the Siberian Tiger to the small but outstanding, North American Bobcat. A visit to the zoo is sure to reveal just how amazing and important these animals are, and bring an understanding of our goal of conservation through education.
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The DeYoung Family Zoo is home to several Eurasian Brown Bears, and North American Black Bears. These lucky critters spend the winter snoozing away in their nice warm dens. We currently have a new member to our bear family. This new Eurasian Brown Bear cub will grow up to be Mesha’s new playmate, our cub from last summer! Wait until you see how much she has grown! And the new baby is very adorable.
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Got a taste for fun? Love to laugh? Well these critters will have you rolling around like… well, a barrel full of monkeys! Our Primate family continues to grow each year. The  Spider Monkey and Capuchin  cant wait to get out for the summer and show off  with their prehensal tails! You will be amazed at how much they have grown from last year!Look at our Paws for a Cause page and find out how you can help our primate friends get a NEW home!

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Did you hear that!
What is that sound?

Home to Wolves, Coyotes, Dingo’s, New Guinea Singing Dogs, Black Back Jackals,
Artic fox, Red Fox, Silver Fox, and Fennec Fox! There is a lot to howl about at the DeYoung Family Zoo!

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DeYoung Family Zoo is the only zoo in the Mid West to have both Spotted and Striped Hyenas! With the strongest jaw pressure of any land mammal in Africa the Spotted Hyenas are an interesting site during meal time at the zoo. Wait until you get a good look at our striped hyenas’ hair do! They have a lush dorsal mane, when they raise it up, they look 30% larger! It is a beautiful site! Hyenas are amazing and misunderstood critters! Come visit them soon for an eye opening, jaw dropping experience!
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These critters may seem familur to some, but the North American Animals are a great thing to see at The DeYoung Family Zoo. With Raccons, porcupines, coyotes, alligators, and more! 
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You may think these family members are Creepy Crawlers,but they just might impress you once you take a closer look! Our reptile house is home to several  different kinds of outstanding and misunderstood reptiles, amphibians, arachnids , and insets! If you’re a fan of the unusual this is a must stop on your  next visit. Not so sure? Let our amazing volunteers give you an up close and personal educational tour. You just might amaze yourself, as your friends snap pictures of YOU holding a snake! Also in the building you will find the truly magnificent 300 gallon salt water aquarium! It is home to all types of amazing sea life! What are you waiting for, don’t be scared, take a tour of our reptile house!
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Birds of a feather really do stick together at the zoo! From our handsome peacocks strutting their stuff, to our joyfully ducks swimming on the ponds. Come visit our feather friends and see a rainbow of colors and sizes! You can even have a conversation with our parrots, we never know what going to come out of there mouths!

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Love getting up close to animals, this is your spot! Our special barn yard friends love to have visitors! Don’t forget to stop by the booth for a bucket of corn, you will be sure to make many new friends!

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Get a look at these critters
Beauty, Braun, and down right strange our animal family has it all.

With members from all over the world you are sure to find some fur-milliar faces. But it’s the unfamiliar ones we cant wait for you to see! They may not be as famous, but they are just as important! We cant wait for you to discover them! You may discover a few you didn’t even know existed!

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